MacKenzie-Childs Series

Rosa nigrum X MacKenzie-Childs Capsule Collection is now available only in Rosa nigrum stores and Online!


hydrangea collection

We bring you the fascinating beauty of hydrangeas. Hydrangea flowers add a sophisticated touch to any environment with their elegant and colorful appearance. These special designs are just for you!

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Create timeless stylish spaces in your home and office, and present your loved ones with unforgettable different orchid designs.


Permanent - Dry - Shocked Flowers

Choose a very stylish and lasting gift for your loved ones with dry, artificial and frozen flowers.


Rn. Teddy and Rn. Melt hearts with Puppy!

Rosa Nigrum's Rn. Teddy and Rn. Puppy products are the cutest and most meaningful gifts you can give to your loved ones. Rn. Teddy is a perfect gift option for children and adults with its cute teddy bear design. Rn. Puppy will be everyone's favorite with its cute dog design.


Special for Men

The special men in our lives are our heroes who inspire and support us every day. To crown their charisma and sacrifice, we present the enchanting and rare beauty of Rosa Nigrum.



Complete your home and office decoration with Rosa nigrum home cosmetics and decorative accessories! Add the products to your cart and beautify your home or business.


Artificial Flowers

Timeless stylish spaces and unforgettable gifts with real-looking imported first-class artificial flowers and orchids...



Rosa Nigrum's Balloons Series consists of colorful and fun balloons and flowers carefully prepared to make your special moments unforgettable. Ideal for birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries and special occasions for all ages.



Rosa Nigrum offers commercial and private property owners a comprehensive range of landscaping services through an expert team of urban designers, architects and landscape architects. Combining the principles of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability, our projects reflect the vision of transforming your properties into attractive and original outdoor living spaces.

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Rosa nigrum in the press

Rosa Nigrum's original designs also attract the attention of the press. Featured in many magazines and newspapers, Rosa Nigrum comes to the fore in the press with her flower arrangements and special day concepts. The brand's artistic approach and innovative designs are frequently featured in lifestyle and decoration magazines.

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Frequently asked Questions

Which is the best flower sending site?

Are you looking for a new flower sending site? Here are some important criteria you should consider:

1. Product Diversity and Quality
  • Rosa Nigrum: Istanbul offers specially designed flower bouquets, attracting attention with its imported European flowers and luxurious arrangements.
  • Other Sites: Check out user reviews for a wide range of products and quality comparison.
2. Delivery Speed ​​and Reliability
  • Rosa Nigrum: Offers same-day delivery and fast service.
3. User Experience and Customer Service
  • Rosa Nigrum: Focuses on user-friendly interface and customer satisfaction.
  • Other Sites: The responsiveness of customer service and ability to provide solutions should be taken into consideration.
4. Price and Value
  • Rosa Nigrum: Offers quality and fresh flowers at affordable prices.
  • Other Sites: You can find the best value by comparing prices.


When choosing the best flower sending site, consider criteria such as product variety, delivery speed, user experience and price. Rosa Nigrum , Istanbul can be considered as a prominent option. You can find the option that best suits your needs by comparing it with other popular sites. Visit Rosa Nigrum and give special moments to your loved ones!

The best florists in Istanbul

If you are looking for the best florists in Istanbul, here are some important criteria and recommendations to consider:

Rosa Nigrum - One of Istanbul's Best Florists

Quality and Freshness:
Rosa Nigrum, Istanbul is known for the specially designed bouquets and imported flowers it offers. Always use fresh and high quality flowers to give your loved ones unforgettable moments.

Special Designs:
It offers elegant and stylish flower arrangements suitable for special occasions and personal preferences. Each bouquet is prepared with care and great care.

Fast Delivery:
Same day delivery service in Istanbul ensures that your flowers arrive on time and without any problems.

User experience:
You can place your flower orders easily and safely with the user-friendly website and excellent customer service.

Why Should Rosa Nigrum Be Preferred?

  • Various Collections: Offers flower options to suit every taste and budget with various collections such as Silver Series, Gold Series, Luxury Series.
  • Ideal for Special Occasions: Perfect flower arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A reliable florist with high customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for the best florist in Istanbul, you can give your loved ones unforgettable moments with quality, freshness and elegance by choosing Rosa Nigrum. Visit Rosa Nigrum and discover the most beautiful flowers!

Where to buy luxury flower arrangements in Istanbul

Luxurious Flower Arrangements
If you are looking for luxurious flower arrangements, Rosa Nigrum's stylish and elegant designs are just for you. Crown your most special moments with imported European flowers and special arrangements. Our luxury flowers combine quality and elegance. For the best luxury flower arrangements in Istanbul , visit Rosa Nigrum .

Where to buy the best bridal flowers in Istanbul?

Rosa Nigrum completes your elegance and style at your wedding with the most beautiful bridal flowers in Istanbul. We are with you on your happiest day with our specially designed bouquets. Our bridal bouquets are carefully prepared considering every detail. For the best bridal flowers , visit Rosa Nigrum .

Which florists provide same-day flower delivery in Istanbul?

If you are looking for same day flower delivery in Istanbul, Rosa Nigrum is one of the best options. It reaches your loved ones quickly with carefully prepared fresh and elegant flower bouquets. With same-day delivery service, you will not miss your special moments even in emergency situations. With Rosa Nigrum's wide product range and quality service, you can have a reliable flower delivery experience in Istanbul. Visit Rosa Nigrum and take advantage of same-day delivery.

The Language of Flowers is Spoken with the Most Beautiful Halfeti Rose with Rosa Nigrum

The Language of Flowers is Spoken with the Most Beautiful Halfeti Rose with Rosa Nigrum

Flowers are the purest and most beautiful interpreter of emotions. This centuries-old tradition offers the most elegant way to express our feelings for our loved ones. As Rosa Nigrum, we make this universal language spoken with the rare Halfeti Rose that grows only in Şanlıurfa Halfeti.

Same Day Flower Delivery

Special moments may appear unexpectedly in the course of life. As Rosa Nigrum, we are with you at these moments. Never miss a moment to make your loved ones happy with our same-day delivery service . Crown your surprises with our flowers that reach every corner of Istanbul on the same day .

Order Flowers Online with Rosa Nigrum

Sending flowers has never been easier. On Rosa Nigrum's user-friendly online platform, choose among the specially designed arrangements and complete your order with a few clicks. Whether it's a classic bouquet or a modern design, make your loved ones happy with our options for every taste and budget.

Istanbul Online Flower Order

It is now much easier to reach your loved ones in the crowd and pace of Istanbul. Thanks to Rosa Nigrum's Istanbul online flower ordering service, you can send flowers to any part of the city with the assurance of same-day delivery. Our flowers, carefully prepared by our expert team, reach the door of your loved ones while preserving their freshness.

Send Flowers Online with Rosa nigrum

Don't wait for a special day to make your loved ones happy! Whenever you say "I just feel like it", you can put a smile on their face with Rosa Nigrum's online flower sending service. Birthdays, anniversaries or just any other day... Any time is the perfect opportunity to send flowers.

Best Flower Sending Site

At Rosa Nigrum, we not only offer the best flowers, but also a unique experience. Our specially designed arrangements prepared with the magic of Halfeti Rose will be an unforgettable gift for your loved ones. Moreover, with our fast and reliable delivery, you can be sure that your flowers will arrive on time and fresh.

Flower Sending Site: Rosa Nigrum

There are no special days or rules for sending flowers. Just your desire to express your love is enough. At Rosa Nigrum, we are here to help you realize this desire. Visit our website now, choose among our beautiful flowers and make your loved ones happy.

How to Order Flowers Online?

You can easily order flowers through Rosa Nigrum's user-friendly website. After determining the flower of your choice and the delivery address, you can complete your payment using one of our secure payment methods. It's that simple!

Why Are Flowers Sent?

Flowers are the most beautiful way to express our feelings. You can express many emotions such as love, gratitude, longing, congratulations or support with flowers. Especially a rare and meaningful flower like the Halfeti Rose is the most special way to show the value you give to your loved ones.

When to Send Flowers?

You don't have to wait for a special time to send flowers. Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions or just an ordinary day... Every moment is the perfect opportunity to make your loved ones happy.

To whom should flowers be sent?

You can send flowers to your lover, spouse, mother, father, friends, colleagues or any loved one. Flowers are a universal gift that makes everyone happy.

Which is the Best Flower Sending Site?

The best flower sending site is the one that best suits your needs and expectations. As Rosa Nigrum, we are a candidate to be the best flower sending site with our specially designed flowers, fast and reliable delivery, user-friendly interface and customer satisfaction-oriented service approach.