Distance Selling Agreement

All users are deemed to have accepted that they have read and approved the sales contract as soon as they complete their membership process.

It is a Virtual Sales Agreement between rosanigrum.com (ROSENERA ÇİÇEKÇİLİK ORGANIZASYON EĞİTİM DIŞ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.) and the Customer.

Article 1 – Parties

1.1. SELLER (Seller)

  • www.rosanigrum.com
  • +90 532 202 03 89 (Whatsapp order line)
  • +90 216 323 60 16
  • @rosanigrum Instagram account

1.2. BUYER (Buyer / Person Placing the Order)

  • People who place orders and purchase products from www.rosanigrum.com through the online web channel, social communication tools such as Whatsapp, Instagram and phone calls.

Article 2 – Subject

The subject of this contract is the sale and delivery of the product, whose qualities and sales price are specified, which the BUYER ordered electronically from the SELLER's website https://www.rosanigrum.com , via social communication tools such as Whatsapp, Instagram and phone calls. It is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts. The SELLER provides the BUYER with all preliminary information about the goods subject to sale, such as the basic characteristics of the products offered for sale, the sales price including taxes, payment method, delivery conditions and costs, in a clear and understandable manner, in accordance with the internet environment. BUYER orders the product by confirming this preliminary information electronically.

Article 3 – Delivery Information / Product / Delivery

Electronics, telephone and Whatsapp Instagram etc. The type and type, quantity, brand and model, sales price, payment method, person to receive delivery, delivery address, invoice information and shipping fee, if any, of the products purchased in the environment are as specified during shopping. The person to be invoiced and the person making the contract must be the same. The information contained in the order must be accurate and complete. BUYER accepts to fully cover any damages arising from situations where this information is incorrect or incomplete and accepts any liability that may arise from this situation. The SELLER reserves the right to stop the order, if deemed necessary, until it confirms the accuracy of the information provided by the BUYER. In cases where the SELLER detects a problem with the order, it tries to reach the BUYER through the telephone, e-mail and postal addresses provided. The BUYER is expected to contact the SELLER within the time period in which the order is requested to be delivered. If no response is received from the BUYER within this period, the SELLER order will be deemed to have been delivered without cancellation.

Article 4 – Contract Date and Force Majeure

The contract date is the date the BUYER places the order. Situations that do not exist or were not foreseen at the time the contract was signed, that develop beyond the control of the parties, and that make it impossible for one or both parties to fully or partially fulfill their obligations and responsibilities under the contract are considered force majeure. (Other force majeure reasons such as natural disaster, war, terrorism, riot, legislative changes, seizure or strike, lockout, major malfunction in production and communication facilities, major traffic problems, road works on bridges.) In case of force majeure, the SELLER shall notify the other party immediately and notifies in writing. As long as the force majeure continues, the failure of the parties to fulfill their obligations does not result in any liability. If the force majeure situation continues, either party has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

Article 5 – Rights and Obligations of the SELLER

5.1. SELLER accepts and undertakes to fully fulfill the obligations imposed on him in the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, excluding force majeure.

5.2. People under the age of 18 cannot shop at https://www.rosanigrum.com . SELLER is based on the accuracy of the age specified by the BUYER in the contract. However, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for the BUYER's incorrect writing of his/her age.

5.3. https://www.rosanigrum.com is not responsible for price inaccuracies caused by system errors. Accordingly, the SELLER is not responsible for promotional and price errors that may occur due to system errors, design errors or illegal interventions on the website. BUYER cannot make claims against SELLER based on system errors.

5.4. You can shop at https://www.rosanigrum.com by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) or bank transfer. The processing time for orders is not the moment the order is placed, but the moment the necessary collection is made from the credit card account or the transfer (EFT) reaches the bank accounts.

Article 6 – BUYER's Rights and Obligations

6.1. BUYER accepts and undertakes to fully fulfill the obligations imposed on him in the contract, excluding force majeure.

6.2. BUYER accepts and undertakes that by placing an order, he/she is deemed to have accepted the provisions of this contract and will make payment in accordance with the payment method specified in the contract.

6.3. BUYER, by placing an order on the website https://www.rosanigrum.com , through social communication tools such as Whatsapp, Instagram and phone calls belonging to Rosa Nigrum business account, SELLER's name, title, full address, telephone and other access information, He accepts and declares that he understands all preliminary information about the goods subject to sale, such as the basic characteristics of the subject goods, sales price including taxes, payment method, delivery conditions and costs, and confirms this preliminary information electronically.

6.4. Subject to the previous article, the BUYER acknowledges that he/she has read and informed the order creation procedure information of https://www.rosanigrum.com, which includes the product order and payment conditions, product usage instructions, precautions taken against possible situations and warnings made, and has given the necessary confirmation electronically. declares.

6.5. The BUYER accepts in advance that he/she knows the name, surname, telephone number and address of the person to whom he/she sends the goods in accordance with the law and the responsibility that this will bring.

6.6. BUYER accepts that since the product he purchased is a living product (non-durable consumer goods), it is not possible to return or exchange it.

6.7. BUYER, due to the natural structure of flowers, seasonal conditions, import-related supply conditions and stocks; accepts that there may be differences with the images in terms of color, type, head or height, diameter and dimensions.

Article 7 – Payment Procedure / Ordering

Order: The TL amount, including VAT, of the products added to the shopping cart (total installment amounts in installment transactions) is processed through the POS of the relevant bank card after it is approved by the BUYER. Before the orders are shipped, the customer is sent an order confirmation e-mail, a Confirmation Message via social communication tools such as Whatsapp and Instagram belonging to the Rosa Nigrum business account, and order confirmation information via phone calls. The processing time of orders is not the moment when the order is placed, but the moment when the necessary collection is made from the credit card account or the transfer (EFT) reaches the SELLER's accounts. In the event that the goods subject to the contract cannot be supplied for an exceptionally justified reason or there is a stock problem, the BUYER is immediately informed and after receiving his approval, another good of equal quality and price is sent or in line with the BUYER's desire and choice; Another product can be selected, the product is expected to be in stock or the delivery obstacle is eliminated, or the order can be cancelled. If the obligation to deliver the goods subject to the contract becomes impossible, the BUYER is notified of this situation and the total price paid and the documents that put him in debt, if any, are returned within ten days at the latest and the contract is cancelled. In such a case, the BUYER will not have any additional claim for material or moral damage from the SELLER.

Payment: At https://www.rosanigrum.com , BUYERS who do not want to use their credit card information online are offered the opportunity to order by cash transfer. When paying by money order, the BUYER can choose the bank that best suits him/her and make the transfer. If EFT has been made, the date of transfer to the account will be taken into account. When making a money transfer and/or EFT, the "Sender Information" must be the same as the Invoice Information and the order number must be written. After the delivery of the product, if the relevant bank or financial institution does not pay the price of the product to the SELLER due to the unfair or unlawful use of the BUYER's credit card by unauthorized persons that is not due to the BUYER's fault, the BUYER will return the delivered product to the SELLER within ten days. It is mandatory to send it back to . In such cases, shipping costs belong to the BUYER. If the BUYER has chosen to pay by credit card, the BUYER accepts and declares that he/she will separately confirm the relevant interest rates and information regarding default interest from his bank, and that the provisions regarding interest and default interest will be applied within the scope of the "Credit Card Agreement" between the Bank and the BUYER in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation. and commits. In "refund" and "refund" calculations for "pre-orders" made in foreign currency, the Central Bank exchange rate on the date of purchase is taken as basis. For purchases made on two different dates, a value is obtained by calculating the average of the exchange rates. This value is multiplied by the "current exchange rate" and the refund and return are made.

Article 8 – Shipment / Delivery Procedure

Order Confirmation and Delivery:
After the order confirmation e-mail is sent, the product(s) are delivered by our special vehicles and authorized personnel.

WhatsApp, Instagram etc. For special orders coming from social media applications, we send a confirmation photo to the buyer after the product is prepared. The buyer can send himself WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. has the right to make approval or revision within 15 minutes based on the approval photo sent via social media applications. If we do not receive feedback within 15 minutes, we automatically consider the order as confirmed and take it out for delivery.

Delivery Conditions:
Our delivery option is only valid for Istanbul.
Our standard delivery hours are 10:00 - 16:00 and 16:00 - 20:00.
Delivery time for standard shipments is approximately 3 to 4 hours following your order time, depending on traffic conditions and schedule.
We automatically deliver orders placed after 16:00 on the same day the next day.
Special delivery time requests outside these hours will be included in the program as VIP Delivery. VIP Delivery fee is an additional 1500 TL. You can contact our sales consultants via our WhatsApp lines.
Mother's Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day, Teachers' Day, Father's Day etc. We deliver during the day on special occasions.

Extra Fees and Regions:
The shipping fee to Arnavutköy, Avcılar, Büyükçekmece, Beylikdüzü, Çatalca, Esenyurt, Kartal, Pendik, Silivri, Sultanbeyli, Sultangazi and Tuzla districts, which are distant districts of Istanbul, is 550 TL. After completing your order; The paid shipping area fee will also be automatically sent to your e-mail address in the form of an online payment link. We cancel orders for which payment is not completed.
We do not charge a delivery fee for orders over 3000 TL to these regions.
Delivery is free for places other than the above districts.
Delivery time is approximately 2 to 4 hours following your order time, depending on traffic conditions. Additional payment for paid shipping areas is collected by contacting the buyer after shopping and via bank or online credit card link. Delivery time is approximately 2 to 4 hours following your order time, depending on traffic conditions. Depending on traffic conditions, otherwise we will inform the buyer and inform them of the new delivery time. The seller does not have the right of withdrawal after notification.

Delivery Process:
For the recipient who cannot be found at the delivery address, we reach the phone numbers shared during the order. We provide information about the safe area to be delivered (security, communications, doorstep delivery, etc.). If we cannot reach you, we deliver to the safe area without approval.
If the product(s) cannot be reached or the product(s) sent are not received/accepted, the order will not be canceled or refunded. Likewise, in orders where the sender information is confidential, the order will not be canceled or refunded if the recipient does not accept the product(s).

Article 9 – Product Return and Right of Withdrawal Procedure

Product Return: The BUYER accepts in advance that the product he purchased is a living product (non-durable consumer goods) and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. Since the delivered products are food items such as Turkish delight and chocolate, there is no right of withdrawal in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code. There is no right of withdrawal for goods prepared in line with the BUYER's wishes or clearly personal needs.

Article 10 – Confidentiality

The information specified by the BUYER in this contract and the information reported to the SELLER for the purpose of payment will not be shared with third parties by the SELLER. SELLER may disclose this information only within the framework of administrative and legal obligations. Within the scope of any judicial investigation with documented investigative capacity, the SELLER may provide the information requested from him to the relevant authority, if he has it. Credit card information is never stored. Credit card information is only used for provisioning by being transmitted securely to the relevant banks using the iyzico ( https://www.iyzico.com ) infrastructure during the collection process, and is deleted from the system after the provisioning. Information such as BUYER's e-mail address, postal address and telephone are used only by the SELLER for standard product delivery and information procedures. In some periods, campaign information, information about new products and promotional information may be sent to the BUYER after his/her approval.

Article 11 – Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices in Case of Dispute

In case of a dispute arising from the implementation of this contract, Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the BUYER's or SELLER's place of residence are authorized up to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in December every year. If the order is placed, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the conditions of this contract.