about us

As Rosa Nigrum, we are a "new generation flower" shop that makes qualified floral designs and sells high quality imported flowers. Our source of inspiration is the rare and unique scent of Halfeti Rose.

Rosa Nigrum: Inspired by the Magical World of Halfeti Rose

Rosa Nigrum creates carefully crafted designs with its strong team of talented floral designers, highly qualified landscape architects and experienced managers.

Halfeti Rose: The Mystery of Black, The Passion of Red

Rosa Nigrum is not only a new generation flower shop, but also a lifestyle brand inspired by the magical world of the rare and mysterious Halfeti Rose (Karagul), which grows only in Şanlıurfa Halfeti in the world. The mystical beauty of this unique flower in black and dark red tones is reflected in every design of Rosa Nigrum.

The Point Where Creativity and Elegance Meet

Our team, consisting of expert flower designers, experienced landscape architects and passionate managers, reflects original designs, each a work of art, into very special bouquets and arrangements, inspired by the Halfeti Rose.