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Flower Care: Tips to Extend the Life of Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers add liveliness and beauty to their environment. However, proper care is essential to maintain this beauty and freshness for a long time. We will share some simple but effective care tips to extend the life of your flowers and keep them looking their best.

1. Water and Vase Cleaning

It is very important that the vase in which you place your flowers is clean. A clean vase protects the flowers from germs. Also, the need for water of flowers should not be ignored. Always keep clean, fresh water in your vase and change the water every two days.

2. Cut the Stems Correctly

Before placing your flowers in the vase, cut their stems at a 45 degree angle. This allows better absorption of water through the stem and extends the life of the flowers. Using sterile scissors or a knife when cutting stems prevents germs from infecting the flowers.

3. Choose the Right Environment

The environment where your flowers are located also affects their lifespan. Keep it away from direct sunlight, wind and heat sources (e.g. radiators or ovens). This prevents the flowers from wilting quickly.

4. Use Flower Food

Flower food provides extra nutrition and protection to your flowers, keeping them fresher for longer. You can find flower food in the small packets that are usually included when you buy your flowers. You can feed your flowers by adding this nutrient to water.

5. Remove Wilted Leaves and Flowers

Regularly remove wilted or rotten leaves and flowers from your flower arrangement. This reduces bacterial growth and keeps other flowers healthy longer.

6. Correct Water Temperature

Flowers generally prefer water at room temperature. Water that is too cold or too hot can damage the delicate structure of the flowers. Water at room temperature allows the flowers to absorb water best.

7. Extra Tips

  • Healthy Stems: If there is mucus buildup on the ends of the stems, clean them. This allows better absorption of water.


By following these simple but effective tips to extend the life of your fresh flowers, you can ensure that your flowers remain fresh and beautiful for a long time. Flower care requires regular attention and care, but you will be rewarded for your efforts with fragrant and eye-catching flowers.

At Rosa Nigrum, we care about how to best protect and care for your flowers. Follow our blog for more tips and suggestions on your flowers!

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